On Friday I met up with Lori’s daughter and her family. They drove in from AZ on Thursday to see mom and pick up Mimi. We drove to the boarding facility to get Mimi, then off to the hospital (quick stop at the beach) to get Lori and reunite her with her girl. A happy and tearful reunion it was.

Van was loaded with kids, parents, luggage, dog food and bed I got them, and Lori & Mimi ~ off to AZ they went. Lori will stay with her daughter and family until she can find a room or apt. to rent for her and Mimi. Mimi will also get to see her one and only puppy, Lucky, who the family adopted about 5 months ago.

A HUGE thank you goes out to Mindy BeneRa and everyone at Ventura Highway Luxury Boarding for Dogs. They gave Mimi 9 DAYS LODGING, filled with love and play, and they picked up the bill, no charge to us!

That’s LOVE! That’s our amazing Village at work!



This is a long one and so heartbreaking. A long, convoluted, and unresolved road so far after Shadow was shot by Ventura PD for doing what any dog would do…defending his family! He spent some time at the shelter and then in boarding, and was finally released into a foster home where he is thriving while we (still) await some resolution to the matter.

Aug 14, 2016 — Shadow and his foster fursister Kayla are getting along juuuuuust fine 🙂 In the house, they are affectionately known as the “tweedles” (we decline to define “dee” and “dum” as it vacillates on an hourly basis).

This will be a long update, but for those interested in the details it is worth it:

The appeal of Shadow’s nuisance hearing is scheduled to be heard December 7, 2016 at 8:20 am in Department 43 of the Main Courthouse of the Ventura County Superior Court. The defendants/respondents are Ventura County Animal Services, Ventura Police Department, the four VPD officers who filed complaints under penalty of perjury against Shadow, and the person who conducted Shadow’s animal nuisance hearing. There could be some change in the parties and that could delay the hearing. As you can see, Shadow will not be suffering from any such delays, though.

The First Amended Writ and Complaint, without exhibits referenced and without the possibly 1100+ documents contained in the Administrative Record accompanying the case, can be found at https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_OSg9wEO_xeOHBwRFg4a2ltc28/view?ths=true. The “FAC” contains a lot of facts, but barely covers about 1/3 of what went on in Shadow’s case.

This lawsuit is not just about Shadow, though. This lawsuit is about every animal owner in Ventura County. It speaks to issues that could affect animal owners throughout the State of California, if not beyond. Change is scary, but necessary in an evolving society. Some people do not like change and, therefore, this lawsuit is making certain sectors of the community very, very mad. As well it should, though not in the way some are taking it.

On behalf of Shadow and every animal owner that has ever faced an animal nuisance hearing (or any animal owner/lover), please give the case, its issues, and all of the people involved the consideration and respect that is deserved. Not every lawyer is bad; not every lawyer is good. Not every cop is dirty; not every cop hasn’t taken liberties behind the veil of the badge. Not every “pitbull” is vicious; not every “pitbull” hasn’t done something wrong. And not every governmental entity is squeaky clean.

Asking our city and county to provide clarification to questions that are unanswered under the law is not wrong. Nor is asking them to provide records that are deemed “public” under the law even after they say that none exist (despite the fact that some are published online). Asking for a dog not to have a death sentence over his head for defending a loved one against four people who admit beating the dog’s loved one within the dog’s line of sight is not wrong. Especially when the “injury” that dog allegedly caused could have been the result of the actions of one of the other officers involved in the incident.

This is even more “true” in the county that touts itself as being the largest “no-kill” county in California in 2014. A county that pursues media coverage and outside assistance on that premise and provides/sells people with t-shirts touting their “no-kill” status still utilizes “abatement” orders of death in animal nuisance cases in the event of ANY future violation of the orders or animal nuisance law no matter what the violation may be.

Oddly, the “no-kill” claim for VCAS has yet to be made for 2015, but the agency still maintains – at least in the media – that it is a “no kill” shelter. Why, then, does VCAS maintain the right to kill a dog deemed a nuisance – for any reason and without a temperament determination – within ten days of a ruling if an owner does not comply with the orders put in place? Why does VCAS do this despite the fact that California law gives the owner 90 days to appeal such a decision? It is wonderful that VCAS claims to be a “no kill” shelter but it’s animal nuisance orders contradict that credo.

Pursuing these issues on behalf of an anyone, much less a member of an underserved population (such as the homeless and/or veterans who love and care for animals that are demonized for no reason other than a social stigma that changes by decade), is no reason to devalue a case, a cause, or the people involved – on either side. If you choose to look at this case, look at it and evaluate it on all points. On all merits, demerits, and everything in between. Nobody has done everything right and nobody has done everything wrong. But nobody deserves to have been given a death sentence over protecting a loved one in a manner that allegedly resulted in two stitches – whether by bullet that, thankfully, didn’t do the job or by statute/ruling that gives the government carte blanche to finish the job upon the slightest future violation of – at best – obscure animal nuisance laws.

On April 22, 2015, Shadow watched as at least 3 Ventura police officers utilized physical measures to “control” his human brother during the course of an arrest.  Shadow did what many dogs would do: he went to his brother’s aid.  It is alleged Shadow bit one of the police officers on the forearm.  Shadow was then shot by another police officer.

While there are laws governing animal bite hearings, they don’t address many important issues and they are unclear (if not contradictory) in others.  Shadow’s lawyer has been dealing with both Ventura City and Ventura County agencies trying to ensure Shadow gets a fair hearing.  That process is still ongoing and, because of the issues involved, we need your help raising awareness of the problems in the existing system.  Letters/emails/calls to local council members, the County Board of Supervisors, politicians, animal rights advocates, newspapers, etc. expressing concern would help get these issues noticed for Shadow at least and – hopefully – help in affecting change for the future.

Finally, substantial fees have been and are being incurred in preparing Shadow’s defense.  The City and County required money up front to get documents, videos, etc. that can shed light on what really happened that night.  Fees were also required to be paid for each witness we require to attend the hearing (the police officers).  Should Shadow be found to be a nuisance but not ordered to be put down, his boarding fees for the last 4 months will need to be paid as well.

Please consider speaking up for Shadow as well as all other animals who are the subject of animal nuisance hearings in Ventura County.

If you would like to know more about the issues involved, please visit: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1WI9gzwQFsUhdpyU_OAkZJS0BfOpl4eRISg4oi6eIgAg/edit?usp=sharing.

We can also be reached at HelpSaveShadow@gmail.com.

Baby ~ Honorary Pit bull


Baby lives in the river bottom with Pippi, Bonnie and Charlie. She also got her spay (at 7 years old) and vaccines. She hadn’t had any shots either! Got her mamas tent, sleeping bags, blankets, dog bed, and food as well.

They lost all their belongings when the police raided the campsite and made everyone leave. People are not allowed to take their stuff with them! Jeez, what’s up with that?!



Nickel is one awesome dog! Not only super handsome but super sweet. I only met him once and then not again until I received an urgent message.

Here is the story: I received a message from another friend who works with Canine Adoption and Rescue League – CARL that one of my homeless dogs, Nickel and his person Benny, needed help. Benny had shown up at the CARL Boutique Thrift Store very sick but wouldn’t go to the hospital until he knew his beloved dog was cared for. The fates were smiling that day, as Mary Saputo, head of CARL, just happened to be in the store. She got Benny to the hospital with what they at first thought was pneumonia, and took Nickel to CARL to be cared for while Benny was at VCMC.
Well, it turns out Benny has cancer, and it’s everywhere. He has anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months to live.

I contacted my friend, M’Lou Mashburn Keller, about an RV she had wanted to donate last year for my homeless dogs, and asked her is she still had it, and would she consider donating now so that Benny and Nickel could be together. She jumped right on it, and Jenifer Hurt and M’Lou did the leg work needed to get the RV to the parking lot of CARL Thrift Store that very day!

Benny and Nickel stayed in the RV until Benny was too sick to stay there, then he went into hospice. What happened to Nickel you ask? Well…he was adopted by Mary Saputo, the head of Canine Adoption and Rescue League and is now happy and content in a home!

Pippi & Bonnie – honorary Pit Bulls


These two cuties received their spay after Bonnie had had numerous litters of Chi’s down in the river bottom. Pippi is actually one of her babies. It took two years after I first met them for them to reach out to me for help with this, but better late than never! They also got all their vaccines. I found out they were never vaccinated for anything! I can’t believe they survived in the environment the live in without any vaccines. We also got their mom a new tent and sleeping bag and some food for the little girls.

Sexy Sadie


I never actually got the chance to meet Sadie. She was brought to my attention by a friend in Oxnard who was trying to help her and her dad. We got her some sweaters (it was darn cold last year), leash, harness, collar, a few toys, some food and a warm jacket for her dad. Since they are in Oxnard I don’t hear from them unless one of my “villagers” lets me know she needs something.



RJ is one giant goober of a boy! He and his dad mainly camp near the railroad tracks and the stop by my work every now and then to get food and supplies. RJ is already neutered so we just make sure he is up to date with his vaccines and license. Here he is in a new sweater I gave him last December. It gets COLD at night for these dogs!



Oh Estella, you sweetheart! Little girl with the charming underbite. She and her dad live on the streets and through the kindness and generosity of Buddy Nation, we have supplied them with bicycles and bike carts (yes more than one as these things tend to get stolen). I always make sure Estella has leash and harness as well as food when I see her. We have gotten her vaccines and veterinary care when she got into a scuffle with another dog. Last month (August 2016) Rob (her dad) was arrested. Before he went to jail he reached out to me and some friends to make sure Stella was taken care of while he did his time. I’m hoping he will go into a program when he gets out. Meanwhile Estella is living in a wonderful home with 3 other dogs where she is definitely “the princess”.



Sweet Bella, the first dog I helped. Her mom flies a sign near my house and I would see them on my way to work. One day I stopped to meet them and give Bella some food. That was two years ago….and so the journey began.



Got a call from one of Buddy Nation villagers that there was a new pup and her person that just rolled into town by Winco. So off I went to meet them. Cutest little patooty named Callie and her dad Corey. She hadn’t had any vaccines yet, so a call to Ohana was next. Buddy Nation paid for her wellness check and vaccines. They were not staying in town long but Corey said he would spay her when it was time. Left them with food and toys for the cutie pit pup. They still text me once in awhile to let me know how they’re doing.