Handsome and sweet, Max lives in the same river bottom as Wilbur. He needed food and his owner needed some supplies. We were happy to help them out. I asked if he was on board to get Max neutered (he has already fathered several litters) and he said yes! Max was vaccinated and neutered thanks to Buddy Nation!



I was messaged by a friend that there wasyet another homeless fur baby needing medical attention. I went by after work to where they are staying and met this little angel, Makita. What a doll she is! Not sure what her mix is, maybe pit/boxer/ridgeback/etc. Whatever, she is precious 🙂
She had some kind of internal injury to right hind leg, possibly a torn ACL. Her owner, Cody, had taken her to a few vets and gotten different opinions each time. Wanted to get her in to Ohana to see Dr. Nikki and get a diagnosis so we could set a course of action to get her better. Sadly, three different times her owner failed to meet me for the appointment. I don’t know where they are at this point. I pray he was able to get her the care she needed.



Got a frantic call from a fellow volunteer that a homeless man she knew and his dog were stabbed in Santa Paula. As always, Ohana Pet Hospital made sure he was seen right away and treated through Buddy Nation. The wound was pretty severe, but he and his owner made a full recovery!



Word of mouth begins to spread about what I’m doing and I get a call from another homeless couple that their dog has a hematoma on her ear and a suspicious growth on her belly. In to the vet she went! The growth was a mast cell tumor that had to be removed asap. We raised the money for that surgery and for the stubborn hematoma on her ear that took FOREVER to get better! Bailey and her family have since moved to Virginia.



I met Chico through Buddy and his mom. We made sure he had food and vaccines, along with worming and his wellness checkup. I tried to convince the family to get him neutered but they refused. Fast forward two years later and they contacted me to please get their dog neutered! Done and done!

Buddy of Buddy Nation


Buddy and his mom the day I met them. She had his paw wrapped in a bootie because it was getting raw from dragging on the ground. Precious boy sat in my lat and put his head on my shoulder. I felt like he was asking me to help him. So basically, this was the day that started my journey to help the dogs of the homeless.



Deuce was handed off from one homeless person to another. He was pretty sickly when I finally saw him. We made an appointment for a wellness check and vaccines, and then his neuter. We made sure he had enough food to eat. Sadly, his newest owner was not very dog saavy, and when he was arrested, Deuce ran off looking for him. We don’t know what happened to him. He never showed up on the shelter website or on the deceased animals list from the shelter….so all we can do is pray someone found him and gave him a good home.



Capone and his mom used to fly a sign near my work. His mom always had him in sunglasses, hat, and sometimes a rose sticking out of his collar. We made sure he got his vaccines and license. We had scheduled his neuter when he was picked up by animal control after his dad was arrested. We paid the fees and sprung him from the shelter. They have since moved to Florida but I am still in contact with them and look forward to seeing them when they come back to CA to visit.

Wilbur (aka Dooders)


Wilbur is probably to goofiest boy I have ever met! He wants nothing more than belly rubs and love. We have supplied Dooders and his family with dog food, veterinary care and his neuter. As with all the dogs, I keep a supply of donated dog food ready for whenever their families tell me they need it.