Nickel is one awesome dog! Not only super handsome but super sweet. I only met him once and then not again until I received an urgent message.

Here is the story: I received a message from another friend who works with Canine Adoption and Rescue League – CARL that one of my homeless dogs, Nickel and his person Benny, needed help. Benny had shown up at the CARL Boutique Thrift Store very sick but wouldn’t go to the hospital until he knew his beloved dog was cared for. The fates were smiling that day, as Mary Saputo, head of CARL, just happened to be in the store. She got Benny to the hospital with what they at first thought was pneumonia, and took Nickel to CARL to be cared for while Benny was at VCMC.
Well, it turns out Benny has cancer, and it’s everywhere. He has anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months to live.

I contacted my friend, M’Lou Mashburn Keller, about an RV she had wanted to donate last year for my homeless dogs, and asked her is she still had it, and would she consider donating now so that Benny and Nickel could be together. She jumped right on it, and Jenifer Hurt and M’Lou did the leg work needed to get the RV to the parking lot of CARL Thrift Store that very day!

Benny and Nickel stayed in the RV until Benny was too sick to stay there, then he went into hospice. What happened to Nickel you ask? Well…he was adopted by Mary Saputo, the head of Canine Adoption and Rescue League and is now happy and content in a home!

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