I just wanted to post a thank you to all the wonderful people who donated towards this precious girl’s surgery tomorrow. Without your help, I’m not sure what her outcome would have been. Your loving and generous support has once again given another homeless Pibble a chance a happy and healthy life. THANK YOU BUDDY NATION! I would especially like to express my heartfelt gratitude to Flying High Pet Resort who donated the majority of funds needed for Bailey. They are one of the constant angels alongside me on this journey. I will never be able to fully express in words what your support has meant to me. There are many MANY others who have been unbelievably generous, not only for Bailey, but from the very beginning with Buddy, Bella, Wilbur, Chico, the puppies, Shadow, Bully, RJ, and Deuce. Have I forgotten any? Probably, lol.

Yesterday I learned of two new Pitties that I will be meeting in the next couple of days. Max lives in the harbor river bottom, and I found out about him through Wilbur’s family. It appears he has a broken toe, but it’s too hard to tell from photos. So I will meet him tomorrow or today after work and see for myself what it looks like. I already contacted Ohana, and they might need to do XRays. I will hopefully have enough money left over after Bailey’s surgery to get this done for Max.

They other Pittie is Nickel. I met him and his owner, Benny, briefly last year. I got a call from my friend Cappi who said they had stopped by the CARL Thrift Store looking for a warm coat and possibly some food for Nickel. Unfortunately, the store was closed yesterday, but Cappi told him I could help him, and found out where their camp is. I will try to go by there today on my lunch hour and see if I can find them. I don’t have a coat or jacket for him, but I do have some warm sweatshirts. Thanks to SPARC I have a huge bag of dog food, and I also still have a couple of sleeping bags from Dawn Lopez, so they should be good for a little while. Next on the agenda for Nickel is a neuter! I believe he is the father of many of the Pits around here, and maybe even Buddy’s dad.

Still on the future agenda is Sadie, the mother of the puppies, and Hogs. Still have not met these two, but made sure they got the free spay/neuter and vaccine literature from Wilbur’s family, and can only pray that they call. Sadie, unfortunately, has had another litter about a month ago, and has killed two of the pups and rejected the rest. I gave formula and bottles to Wilbur’s mom to get to them. We’ll see what happens.

So, my friends, it’s never truly over…the story simple continues…the journey leading us down the path to each new dog that needs our help. Thank you for allowing me to help them with your gifts of supplies and monetary donations.


“I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone upon the waters to create many ripples”

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