Buddy Nation, I met with Bailey and her mom and dad on my lunch hour today. They are concerned about her recovery in their van. I looked inside and there is truly barely enough room for the 3 of them. Plus it’s not the kind of clean that Bailey should have while she recovers. This is a major surgery. She is going to have 3 large incisions. One on her leg, one on her abdomen, and one inside her mouth, plus the one to fix her ear hematoma. She cannot jump into the van, especially with a cone on her head. Mike cannot lift her and neither can Lisa. Our only option is to put them up in a motel for a few nights. I’ll have just enough leftover from the cost of the surgery for two nights. Can you help me get them one or two nights more? It’s a little over $68/night with my discount. I told them I would try. I think we can do this for her. Please share this plea in hopes of getting Bailey her much needed recovery time. I know we can.

If I raise more than the two nights, it will give me enough to take Max to Ohana for XRays, which is going to cost $175. It seems to never end, I know, but I have to keep the faith that the miracles will keep on happening.

Thank you my doggy angels

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