My dear friends in rescue, and all the dog loving angels out there who have followed this journey from the beginning with Buddy, I desperately need your help. I feel like I’m back-peddling in getting the funding together for sweet Bailey’s surgery. 2 other dogs…no, make that 6 other dogs, ended up needing help since Friday.

I threw up a quick post about Shadow on Friday, the dog that was handed from person to person, ended up in a fight, and finally was given to Bella’s family, which was actually a darn good choice, and most likely saved him from being abandoned. I got him in to Ohana (they squeezed him in as a favor to me) for his bloody and infected ear and several puncture wounds on his body. They cleaned him up and gave him antibiotics and pain meds. He is doing 100% better today, and is a happy waggy boy again, but that set me back $350. Money that was slated for Bailey’s surgery.

Poor Bailey’s hematoma has filled up 4 times since she first went in to get checked out. Each time Dr. Jill or Dr. Nikki has to drain it costs $40. Again, that takes away from her surgery funds, but has to continue to be done until both the surgery on her ear, and her mast cell tumors are removed on April 9th.

And now Capone has an ear infection. His ear is hanging down and stuff is coming out of it. He needs to see a vet but I can’t take him there. I don’t want to use any more of Bailey’s surgery money. I feel quite helpless.

To top it all off, the thing I dreaded has happened again….Sadie, the dog that had a litter last year, and whose pups I was able to bring into the rescue and adopted into loving homes, has had another litter. I know, I know, why didn’t they get her spayed?! I talked myself blue in the face about it to them. She is reacting the same way with this litter as the last one. She has killed two (probably survival of the fittest), and has officially rejected the rest of the puppies. So off I went to the river bottom on Sunday with bottles and puppy formula. How can I not help? These puppies will need formula for a few more weeks, then worming and their series of vaccines. I’m trying to convince them to let me take them to the shelter where they will be cared for and found a real home. Not just sold on a street corner for $150 apiece. Meanwhile, they will die if they don’t have formula, so I am getting it for them.

I’m just so darn tired, and feeling so helpless. I am asking you to help me spread the word about these dogs, especially Bailey. I will pay for it all somehow, even if I have to make payments to Ohana and use my tax refund. But I sure wish I didn’t have to do that. I’m struggling myself, but I can’t turn away. These dogs are in my life for a reason, and I have to keep moving forward on this journey.

So please, if you can share the fundraiser, and the need to help these dogs, I would be so grateful. And again, I ask, if you can skip one fancy coffee drink or that purchase for something you really don’t need, and donate that $5.00 towards Bailey’s surgery, it would be a God send to me and all these dogs right now.

I feel like all I ever do is ask for your help, but the truth is, I cannot do any of this without you. The more people that know about these dogs and their needs, the more dogs I can ultimately help.

Thank you ~ Debi

“I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone upon the waters to create many ripples”

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