Happy Monday Buddy Nation! Busy weekend with rescue dog adoptions on Saturday, then Sunday I spent some time with my grandson and made the rounds to see some of my precious homeless Pitties.

Bailey is doing very well after her surgery. She went in for a re-check this afternoon and unfortunately she shook her head when they unwrapped the turban, and opened up the incision! So now she’ll have to wear a turban AND a cone for the next several days. The incision on her belly and inner thigh look good and are healing well. What a sweetheart of a dog she is. Thank you so much for helping me get this done for her, and also allowing her to spend a few nights recovering in a motel. Just amazing.

Next up on the agenda is Max. He is the brown and white Pittie in the picture. He seems to have a broken toe. It’s very sensitive to touch and he is limping pretty badly. I had his owner, Johnny, wrap it with ace bandages until I can afford to get him in to see the vet. Ohana said they will need to take X-Rays, probably two, which will cost about $376 for the dual view. Single view won’t tell them what they need to know.

Also in need of a visit to the vet is Capone who has an ear infection. It seemed to be getting better last week when I saw him, but yesterday he was tilting his head to one side, and Brandi said there was yellowish green gunk coming out. I’m sure it’s quite painful. I think maybe there’s something way down in there that’s causing the infection. He definitely needs to get that looked at ASAP! I called Ohana this morning and they said it would be $47 for the check up, then whatever meds and/or treatment would be extra. I’m estimating it’s going to be at least $150 from past experience.

Last but certainly not least is Shadow, that big ol’ hunk of blue love. I can’t believe this dog was handed off from person to person and almost abandoned. What a sweet and loving boy he is. He is being neutered on April 28th and I would love for him to recover for a few nights in a motel like Bella did. If all the other homeless owners actually show up and bring their dogs in for their appointments, they will only be sent back out to their camps with a clean sheet. That’s no way to recover from surgery, in the dirt with only a sheet!

I was going to post an update on the puppies, but sadly, they are all gone. The man who is temporary owner of Sadie sold them to whoever was willing to pay. That’s pretty much a death sentence for these innocents babies who were still being bottle fed after their mom rejected them. I’m beyond sad about this. And to top it off, I hear from Sadie’s REAL owner, Angie (who is also Wilbur’s mom), that this guy isn’t planning on spaying Sadie! WHAT?! Angie is livid and is trying to get her dog back so I can get that done for her. I’ll keep you posted.

Soooo, this is what I am trying to raise money for right now

X-Rays for Max (not sure what besides wrapping the toe his treatment would be)
Vet visit for Capone’s ear Infection plus treatment and any medications they will prescribe
3 nights of recovery in a motel for Shadow after his neuter

Meanwhile, you know I am always accepting donations of dog food and camping supplies. Just text me if you have goodies for me to pick up 805-223-0655 or email me at 2goldenshome@gmail.com.

Please share the latest update and help if you are able. No amount is too small.



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