Good morning Buddy Nation,

We have not posted any updates in awhile because we have been SO BUSY helping homeless dogs. The word is spreading, and we are doing all we can for these precious souls and their people.

Dogs Helped in the last 2 months:

Chloe the Boxer – she is a healthy 10 year old girl whom we have helped for many years .. getting her spayed and vaccinated and keeping up her yearly dog license. As her person is homeless, we ask our contact at SPAN (Spay Neuter Animal Network) to let him know when she is due for shots & license renewal, as he comes there for his dog food. One of the Buddy Nation board members has arranged to foster or adopt Chloe, should anything happen to her person who battles cancer.

Hendrix the Belgium Shepherd – Hendrix and his person have been on the Ventura streets for about a year. We are currently working to get him a job and housing so that he can turn his life around. One of the social workers who works with the homeless is helping us and getting him on some financial assistance until he has steady paychecks. Our board members are actively looking for a room to rent for him and Hendrix as well as work to stabilize his life, so that he can get back on his feet. The veterinarian at our county shelter (a No-Kill shelter) has treated Hendrix for his heartworm, giving him his two-day treatment plus week’s stay at her infirmary to let it work. There is no charge for her work.

Jonni the Rottweiler puppy – Jonni was left in a box outside a local business, along with her siblings, at age 6 weeks. All were immediately adopted by employees and Jonni by a couple who live in their van with another rescue dog. Jonni was given her puppy shots and de-wormed by Dr. McNeil, one of 4 veterinarians who donate and discount their services for Buddy Nation (she is also on our board). Another board member took the couple and Jonni to a pet store to buy food and supplies.

Xena the Basenji mix – Xena and her family live in an RV in a safe night parking place. Xena is a health young girl who so fat has just needed up-to-date shots and licensing.e of our board members keeps in regular touch with the couple as both have health problems. She makes sure that Xena has food and we are working to get a service dog certificate for Xena.

Primo the Dogo Argentino, Susie the Jack Russell mix and Lolly the Dachshund – These 3 dogs were part of a family that lost its home due to medical expenses. Buddy Nation got the call to help place them from a housing social worker. We were able to find a home for the elderly Doxie and the also elderly Dogo. While Primo was in a boarding facility waiting for his new home, his cancer took over and we had him euthanized and cremated. Susie was granted service dog certification and is still with her original person, going to work with him every day.

Johnnie and Jimmie the Sibling Cocker Spaniels – Buddy Nation volunteers have been taking care of these two lovely dogs for many years, long before Buddy Nation was officially formed. Jimmie and Johnnie suffered from glaucoma and cataracts and had surgery and treatments by eye specialists over the years. Recently, at age 15, both suffered heart problems that eventually took their lives. One of our donating veterinarians mercifully euthanized them. We continue to keep in touch with their humans for fostering needy dogs.

Asker the Pit Bull – Asker was 11 when a person from a local church called us and asked us to come to the church to check on a dog living in an RV in their parking lot. Asker was a beautiful Pit Bull, who has a huge tumor on her chest. We immediately got her into one of our veterinarians and then into a surgical veterinarian who scheduled her for surgery. She died the night before her surgery and is buried in the church yard.

Charlee the German Shepherd – Charlee and his person lived in a truck. At aged 12, Charlee developed hind leg problems and we brought him our veterinarian who gave him medication to ease the swelling and inflammation and then worked with one of our craftspeople who has started to build dog wheels for disabled dogs. Sadly, on their way back from another county where the man had a day’s work, Charlee was illegally seized and killed by an animal control officer from that county. Buddy Nation has hired an animal rights attorney to look into the matter.

Primo’s, Johnnie’s, Jimmie’s, Asker’s and Charlee’s obituaries appeared in our local paper, The Ventura Breeze.

Charlie the Chihuahua – Charlie is a frisky 10 year old who is being fostered by one of our board members while his person undergoes radiation for cancer. Charlie has had extensive dental work resulting in lots of teeth being pulled – he now has kissing sweet breath, however. He goes to visit his person, who lives in the river bottom in Ventura and we work with a church to ensure that the man has food and clothing as needed. A seated walker was donated to him, too.

The rank and file of Buddy Nation help is for veterinary care, routine spay/neuter, shots, micro chipping, licenses and food. We go where we are needed and do what needs to be done. Most of our dogs are Pit Bulls – who are very loved and cared for by their people. We also currently have 2 groups of cats on the river bottom that we take care of. … more to come!

We cannot help without YOU my Buddy Nation Angels. We are grateful for any amount donated. Every penny goes to the care of the homeless dogs.  THANK YOU for your continued love and support!

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