Honorary Pit Bull, Charlie!

I met this little cutie a couple of months ago at Ohana. He was being treated after being attacked by another dog. His mom and him are homeless, so I helped them with some supplies and food. Later I was contacted by his mom, Brooke, to tell me she had moved into a sober living home and needed a crate for Charlie. Through the Buddy Nation Village I was able to provide him with crate, bed, and food. At that time Brooke also told me that Charlie was experiencing pain in his hind leg, and wouldn’t put weight on it, and would cry when she picked him up. I FINALLY got him in to Ohana for Xrays and it doesn’t look good, and is most likely a result of the previous attack. I am scheduling him for a surgical consultation at VMSG next week to see what recommendations and our options are.  Charlie needs this surgery so he doesn’t lose his leg and can live a happy, full life. I will post updates after the consult. I will need my Buddy Nation Angels to spread the word about Charlie’s upcoming surgery, since I am sure it will cost in the thousands. We can use every penny we can raise for this sweet little guy.

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