Good afternoon Buddy Nation,

It’s been awhile since I put out a plea for anything besides donated items, but Stella needs our help. Last week I saw her and Rob on my way back to work from lunch. I stopped to give her a sweater (it was so cold out and starting to rain again). Rob told me that Stella had gotten into a scuffle with another dog and she had a puncture wound on the top of her head. It looked bad to me, so I offered to get her over to Ohana that afternoon. He declined and said he had antibiotics. Well, yesterday he called and asked for my help. The wound looked worse and had pus coming out of it. I called Ohana and they got her in yesterday afternoon. As I suspected it was pretty badly infected. They needed to sedate her, clean it deep and put a drain in, then suture it back up. She is on several medications until her recheck in a few days, then in about 10 days she will have the sutures removed. Rob did have the presence of mind to agree to have our friend Sarah look after Estella for the next few days during this critical time. If the wound is not cared for properly, she could lose her eye!

That bill was $273.00, which added to what my balance due at Ohana is, makes it a whopping $874.57. I don’t always ask for help when I take these dogs in for veterinary care, and often pay out of pocket, but this one is expensive and I am trying to pay down my balance. Any amount towards Stella’s vet bill will be very appreciated.

The next thing up for Estella is surgery. Seems she has a blown ACL…sigh. That surgery is about $4,000. She will need recovery time, hopefully with Sarah, unless Rob gets his housing. Not only would I like to raise the money for this procedure for her, but I need a large crate where her movement can be restricted for the weeks it takes to heal.

So, I’m putting the word out for our baby girl to see if we can get this done for her. Please spread the word. She is such a little angel, and deserves to be pain free to run and play like she loves to do.

With a grateful heart, I thank you ~ Debi

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