BUDDY NATION, I got a message a couple of days ago from an anonymous Pittie lover who follows Buddy Nation who has offered to match every dollar raised from now until July 27th up to $400!! This is amazing and wonderful and awesome! Imagine all the good I can do with this! I can get Max back to the vet about his leg, and get vet care for a couple other Pits that need help that I have had to turn away due to lack of funds. I know we can do this! Can you help me spread the word? So far we have received $70 which instantly become $140 thanks to my anonymous angel. This means Wilbur’s vet bill is now paid and the dog food I bought for Buddy, Bully and Bella is paid for with a little spare change left over.
Since I started this Buddy Nation fundraiser we have raised $2,935!. Every cent of your generous donations has gone for the care of these precious homeless pups. The good you have helped accomplish is massive for these dogs and their people. Without it, many of these dogs would be very sick, have disease from lack of vaccines, and birthing litter after litter adding to the homeless Pit population. You are angels, every one of you!
My anonymous Pittie lover has given us a challenge I know we can meet! We have till July 27th! Let’s do this 🙂

xo ~ Debi

“I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone upon the waters to create many ripples”

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