Hello Buddy Nation ~ It’s been awhile since I posted an update throught the fundraiser, but now I need to.

First off, Buddy and Erica have moved back to Ventura. It didn’t work out for them where they moved to, although they sure gave it the ol’ college try. So they are back here and “camping” on the streets right now. I am not sure what they need, but will compile a list and get it out. I do know they need tent, probably sleeping bags and maybe some camp gear of any kind. She asked me for tarps this weekend when it was raining, but I didn’t have any, nor did I have money to buy some, so they went without. I don’t want any of my homeless Pibbles to go without basic needs if I can help it. I had to purchase dog food for Buddy and Bully (his little Chi brother) and Bella yesterday, since I had already handed out the remaining food donated by SPARC. My budget is pretty thin right now, especially fostering Blew and getting him all the little things he needs that I can’t really ask to be donated for him.

I also have not paid Ohana for Wilbur’s last visit when he got so sick he wasn’t eating or drinking. That’s been resolved, but I owe them $72. They are always gracious in allowing me to pay when I can. I depend on my Buddy Nation angels to help me keep these precious dogs healthy, so if anyone can help with this cost I would be so grateful.

I will update on Buddy and Erica as soon as I know more of what’s needed. Thank you for always being by my side on this journey. I literally cannot do it without you.

xo ~ Debi

“I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone upon the waters to create many ripples”

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