Angels with Huge Wings for Estella!

I would first like to thank each and every one of Buddy Nation’s angels for your loving and generous donations towards Estella’s surgery. In today’s economy it’s not always easy to give, and every time I need you, my angels are always there to help these precious dogs. I am constantly in awe and extremely humbled by your compassion.

We are almost at our $6,000 goal thanks to all of you. Some have made donations through the website, some through our online fundraiser, and some directly to VetSurg where Estella will receive her double ACL surgery. I am hoping to get an update total to post shortly, but we are SO CLOSE to goal! This is the same feeling I got when I tried to raise money for Buddy’s amputation surgery. I think I cried every day as I watched the donations come in until we not only met our goal, but exceeded it, allowing us to not only pay for the surgery itself, but all his back vet bills and a month of recovery in a motel room with his mama.

Every time I decide to TRY, you are there to support me and my efforts to help the homeless pets. Living on the street or in homeless camps is not easy for people or pets, but without you, their lives would be far less easy. YOU ARE MAKING A DIFFERENCE!

Yesterday evening I received a call from my Vice President and Treasurer letting me know that a kind person had read about Estella in the Ventura Breeze, and had walked into VetSurg with a $500 check. This donation is the one that gets us to that “almost there” mark. I have thanked all who have donated online, but I have no way of thanking this lady. I hope she reads this and knows how extremely grateful we are. I wish I could meet each and every one of you to thank you personally. You are blessings in my life, and in the lives of the homeless dogs and cats we help. We simply cannot do it without you. So thank you, all of you wonderful people, my heart is so full with gratitude it’s about to burst!


Many of you know and love Estella. We have been trying to raise the money for her double ACL surgery, but there have been so many other homeless dogs needing help that it has constantly has depleted our funds.
It’s time to get serious for Estella. She is young, sweet and energetic and deserves a life without pain. If she doesn’t get this surgery, she will be crippled for life.

Given her circumstances, we all feel it’s best to get both knees done at once. VetSurg and Dr. Holsworth can do that. We have gotten a small grant of $400 that has to be used in 60 days or we lose it so we have to get moving on this pronto!

It’s taken us 2 years to gain her owner’s trust to the point where he is willing to allow Estella to recover in a foster home. We have that all lined up. Now all we need is the money.

Please please help us my angels. No amount is too small. We did this once before for Buddy. Now it’s Stella’s turn. She needs us!

You can read all the updates I’ve posted since we began here: going home

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