Good evening Buddy Nation. Since this is all new for me, I have been very busy gathering information from rescue groups, and animal advocates. We have contacted an animal legal defense lawyer who might be able to help us. She is very knowledgeable on these types of cases and I believe she can help us immensely at Shadow’s hearing. The problem is it will most likely cost us at least $1000, which we don’t have at this point. I would love to hire her, or at least get as much information from her as possible for whatever I can afford to pay her, and then go from there. If anyone that offered to help with Shadow’s legal defense is still willing to donate, we can move forward with this lawyer. If we can’t hire her, I will continue to look for other options. I just don’t know what the hearing will involve. I did speak to Animal Control today and they are hoping to get Shadow’s hearing as well as a few others, scheduled in the next few days. Hopefully this means we will have a date by next week. I will keep you posted as soon as I know anything.  I don’t even know what I’m feeling at this point. I’m a little depressed, feeling drained, spinning in circles. I’m not sleeping very well with all that’s going on, not only with Shadow, but the other dozen or so homeless dogs I am looking after, and of course my precious AFLAR rescue dogs. I so want this sweet boy to be able to go home to his family. They don’t have much, but they love him and he loves them. I’m going to try to get Tina over to visit him again at the shelter this week if I can get off work early. It’s hard to see him, and then leave him there. He’s such a happy soul when he comes into the play yard. It makes me cry, but I don’t want him to think we abandoned him. I know VCAS is taking good care of him. He looked really good when we saw him last, and I thank them for all they have done for Shadow.

The photo you see above is where the shooting happened. Tina, Bella and Shadow were by the sign. Sage, Nathan and the police were on the other side of the walkway on the grass. I didn’t realize it was right on Victoria Blvd. I thought it all happened in the Ralph’s parking lot. There were a lot of witnesses. I wish I could talk to them. I wish they would come forward and contact me.I would like to hear their take on what happened.

I’m gathering statements from people in the community who have met Shadow, and can vouch for his good nature. Among them is Dr Donnalee from Ohana, who treated Shadow earlier in the day he was shot. If you have met Shadow, and would like to send me an email about Shadow that I can print up and take with me to the hearing, please send to

I think that’s about it for now. As soon as I know the hearing date, I will post an update. If you haven’t already gotten your ‘FREE SHADOW’ tee shirt, please stop by The December Store & More to pick one up. 4160 Market Street, #12, Ventura. Cross street Donlon – it’s 1 block down from the DMV and right next door to the CARL Boutique Thrift Store. Open 11-6 Tues-Fri and 11-5 Sat. We hope to get a good group of people supporting Shadow at his hearing, all wearing his tee shirt. I will bring some to the hearing if you tell me you are coming and can’t stop by the store to pick one up beforehand. Let’s bring this sweet boy home. His family and Bella miss him very much!


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