Good morning Buddy Nation! We have okayed the final design for Shadow’s tee shirt! Should be going into production on Monday. Trish at Lightning Ridge Screen Printing has graciously agreed to move forward even though I have not raised the $635 it is going to cost for the 100 shirts. I promised her I would pay as I receive donations. She is amazing and kind, and worked with me to produce the tee shirts with Shadow’s picture on it for the same price as it would have cost with just a graphic of a generic Pit Bull. Angels are everywhere!

Once finished, the shirts will be available at The December Store and More, located on Market and Donlon in Ventura, right next to the CARL Boutique Thrift Store. We do not have a price attached to the purchase of these shirts. We only ask for a donation of your choice towards the continued work of Buddy Nation. We also hope that if you are purchasing a tee shirt, you will wear it at Shadow’s court hearing to show your support. I do not have the hearing date yet, but it will most likely be in the next couple of weeks. I will keep everyone updated as I receive information. Bryan Bray at the shelter has been most helpful, answering my zillion questions about how these hearings work. He is also going to send me the notification of hearing date since Shadow’s dad cannot receive certified mail as a homeless person.

I am also trying to get in contact with Tara Diller, director of the shelter, in the hopes of arranging a visit with Shadow and his family, and me. Still working on it. Maripat (AFLAR founder), and Jean Marie (SPARC founder) are helping me with all kinds of details. They are powerful connections, and angels with big wings beside me! Behind the scenes doing the tough stuff is my Irish New Yorker, Cappi Patterson. I can’t even begin to name everything this dynamo of a lady has taken on for Shadow. I must also give huge thanks to Phyllis and Jennifer at the CARL Boutique Thrift Store for accepting donations of food, supplies, leashes, toys, etc., for my homeless doggies. I stop by there once a week and pick up goodies from them. Not to mention SPARC, where I stop once a month to pick up food large donations for the Pibbles. Thank you to all of Buddy Nation who have helped with every little thing needed since I started this path last year when I found out about Buddy and his injury from collision with a motorcycle. I am continually amazed and humbled by your love and support. Angels all!

I would love to be able to hand Lightning Ridge Printing $100 on Monday in good faith that the rest will follow. Please help me by sharing this, and if you can donate even a small amount I would be so grateful.

Let’s do this for sweet Shadow!


“I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone upon the waters to create many ripples”

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