Hello Buddy Nation! Lots going on, as usual. Some of may have read the last post on our facebook page after Max went into Ohana to check his possible broken toe. After a thorough exam by Dr. Kate, she determined the limp is most likely caused by a soft tissue injury in the shoulder area, probably from running too fast, jumping and landing hard, or pulling his cart for dad when they are recycling. He was given anti-inflammatory meds and told to take it easy for two weeks. That’s the good news….the bad news is that during the exam, Dr. Kate found a heart murmur. She said it may be something he’s had since birth and might not ever cause him any problems. What IS a problem is that Max was scheduled for his free neuter with Valley Vet Mobile Clinic in the SPAN parking lot next week. He cannot just go in for surgery and be put under anesthesia without careful monitoring due to this murmur. It’s difficult to tell how bad it is without an X-Ray, which would then tell the vet how to proceed during surgery. The X-Ray is going to cost at least $175, and we will have to reschedule his neuter at Dr. McNeil’s office where they have the equipment available to monitor Max under anesthesia. I wasn’t expecting this expense, but it has to be done this way, so I’m hoping you all can spread the word about what Max needs to get the funding together for him.

It seems I’ve had a lot of little vet expenses for these dogs lately, and Ohana has once again graciously allowed me to make payments when I get the funds raised. They are angels! If it wasn’t for them I couldn’t call like I had to today, and get Shadow in at 5:00 to be looked at. Tina told me he has a terrible rash on his chest and he’s been throwing up for a couple of weeks, mainly his water, but it’s still not good. I don’t have the money for this visit today, but I’m taking him in anyway. Just keep on moving forward on faith that Buddy Nation will have my back as always.

Capone FINALLY has an appointment for Friday after work to get his ear looked at. Gotta get the funds for that visit too….and so it goes, one dog at a time. I wonder what would happen to these precious velvet hippos if we weren’t there to help them?

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your continued support, and for spreading the word about the needs of these dogs. You are all angels walking beside me on this journey.


“I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone upon the waters to create many ripples”

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