I received a text yesterday from Brandi, who as you know is Capone’s mom. She told me there was another homeless Pit she had met that had something wrong with her ear. I texted the number she gave me while I was at work and got hold of the owner. He told me his girl’s name is Bailey and she has a hematoma on her ear that is getting bigger. he sent me a photo and it was VERY large, and I’m sure quite painful. I called Ohana and told them about it, and asked if they could fit her in for an exam today. I told them I didn’t have the funds raised yet, but would cover her visit by Friday with my own money once I got paid. They were amazing, as always, and told me that a hematoma is pretty serious, and might require surgery if draining it wasn’t a permanent fix. They said I could drop Bailey off in the morning and Dr. Jill would squeeze her in between her other appointments. While we were waiting for the doctor, Bailey’s mom and dad showed me a lump on her belly, so I asked if the vet could look at that as well.

I received the call around noon that Bailey was ready for pick up. They drained the hematoma, but advised it may return. If that is the case it will require surgery. Bad news is that the lump is just one of 3 lumps. She has one on her belly, one on her leg, and another on her cheek inside her mouth. The worst news is they are mast cell tumors, which means cancer. Exactly what my sweet Bubby had, and unfortunately will require surgery….sigh.

I can’t let this precious 7 year old girl go without the surgery she needs to save her life. She has been their baby her whole life, and is sweet as pie. So I am once again hoping that the angels of Buddy Nation will come to the rescue. I went ahead and scheduled her surgery for April 9th … and said a prayer.

It’s a tall order in a short amount of time, but I know it can happen. We raised almost that much in two days for Buddy’s surgery, and much much more. These are good people who love their dog. They don’t have much. They live in their van, and are maybe in their 50’s. This dog is their life, and gives them reason to keep going every day. They don’t have money for things like this, but we can help them, I know we can.

So please spread the word about Bailey, and her need of surgery for these mast cell tumors. If you can skip your fancy coffee, if you can forgo that impulse buy at the checkout counter for just one day, and donate that $5.00 instead towards Bailey’s surgery instead, you will be contributing to a healthy, happy and long life for this Pibble angel.

The exam and consult today was $117 and the estimate I was handed for her surgery is $1082.32. Can we do this Buddy Nation? If we all pitch in, I believe we can.

As always, with a grateful heart, I thank you.


“I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone upon the waters to create many ripples”

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